Frequently Asked Questions

How do staff take part?

We provide all marketing materials, and a dedicated password-protected website, which can be routed through your full benefits portal if required. All sites are fully secure.

How much administration is required by the Employer?

We run the scheme as a managed service to direct all queries through our helpdesk. You will need to agree and monitor the project plan but we do the rest including marketing, communications and helpline. You will also need to administer the payroll deductions but we will support you in doing this.

Can the Employer make savings by running one of the schemes?

Yes though the amount will vary depending on the Programme type (ie phone or computer, 1, 2 or 3 years)

Which of my staff will qualify for the scheme?

There are no rules that require all staff to be offered the benefit; however staff must

  • be  paid through payroll
  • have a contract of employment with extends beyond the projected end of the payment period for the equipment
  • be at least 18 years old
  • be earning  excess of the National Minimum Wage, and the Lower Earnings Level for National Insurance Contributions (LEL) after the monthly payment is deducted from the gross salary

How much can each Employee spend?

The limit is set by the Employer, and we do advise that you set a limit, and most choose amounts up to £2,500. Employees can only choose one mobile phone package but are not limited in regard to other equipment.

What happens if a member of staff end their employment for whatever reason during the salary sacrifice period?

If an Employee leaves for whatever reason, the agreement will also terminate. The terms and conditions of the agreement mean that the Employee agrees that any outstanding amount is paid in full from their final salary payment. Any such payment made on early termination must be taken from net salary, and therefore the Employee will not benefit from the tax, National Insurance or other savings that would have been available had the arrangement continued as originally planned.

Who owns the equipment?

The equipment can transfer to the individual once the benefit period is closed; until then ownership rights should be with the employer.

When do products get delivered?

We can either deliver products during the order window once orders are approved by the employer and the statutory  cooling off period has passed. Or alternatively we agree a 3 day delivery window to begin once  the Order Window and approval process has closed.

Can I have the product(s) delivered to my workplace?

Not normally, but it is possible. We normally deliver to home to avoid disruption in the workplace and because the employee can change the delivery date to suit themselves.

Does running a Technology Scheme affect other benefits?

An employee cannot be permitted to reduce their salary to a rate below the prescribed National Minimum Wage rate or the Lower Earnings Level for National Insurance Contributions (i.e. so that their new rate of taxable pay would equate to less than the hourly legal minimum rate).
Therefore if the Employee has other benefits they should be taken into account.

How does this impact the NHS Pensions Scheme arrangements

The fact that the Employees contractual pay is being reduced means that the level of pension contributions may be reduced. With changes to the NHS Pension scheme in play we have compiled detailed advice for employees which is shown prominently on the order website for all our NHS Trust clients.



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