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Mobile Phones are now available with a 2 Years Pre Paid Tariff !

2 Year Tariff

We have recently launched new tariffs on our Mobile Salary Sacrifice Scheme which allow employees to pay upfront for a 2 Year Personal Tariff. Whilst this is nothing new, the great news for employers is that this removes the need for monthly payroll adjustments caused by employee overspend.

With the new tariffs, employees have a Pay as you go element to the SIM card, which allows them to pay for additional data/minutes outside of the salary sacrifice arrangement. By paying upfront for a 2 Year personal tariff with a new handset, the employee is able to realise substantial savings vs high street prices. For example; a higher rate taxpayer can save £420 on a Tariff/Phone worth the cost of £1000 over 2 years. This equates to a whole 42% saving as a result of Salary Sacrifice!



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